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Water is the Place for You

Feb 19, 2020

The Water Tower

There is a job for you here regardless of your background.

On Feb. 13, The Water Tower staff spoke with South Gwinnett High School students about their place in the water industry.

The students were interested in learning about careers immediately following high school graduation as well as those which require higher education.

Regardless of their path, students at SGHS are looking for jobs where they can grow after graduation, but, like many young people, they don’t think of the water industry.

Kristan VandenHeuvel and Chad Wilbanks visited the SGHS job fair to show students the abundance of opportunities for everyone in the water industry.

“We try to show them that no matter what they’re interested in, there is an opportunity for them in water,” said Wilbanks, the strategic director of training and demonstrations at The Water Tower.

If students are interested in coding or gaming, Wilbanks talks to them about SCADA systems or other control systems, if they’re interested in being a nurse, he tells them about the labs.

And for students who are planning on going to college and beyond, there are opportunities for them in water too.

“Students who enjoy questioning why and how things are the way they are may be interested in a career in research or engineering,” said VandenHeuvel, Strategic Director of Research and Engagement. “As the water industry involves, we’re in need of advances in the field to effectively treat and clean water.”

There is also a business aspect to water in utility management, policy, and regulation. Students who focus on the big picture and like helping others could get involved in this way as well.

Students who want to be attorneys can go to law school and practice environmental law, Wilbanks said.

“We try to find out what they’re interested in and show them that there is a place for them in the water industry,” Wilbanks said.

We are excited to continue talking to students in Gwinnett County and beyond about their place in water.

The Water Tower is a new breed of innovation center providing answers to a multitude of complex challenges facing the water industry through an integrated approach to applied research, technology innovation, workforce development, and stakeholder engagement. With its mission to be a thriving ecosystem of water innovation fueled by imagination, informed by research, and powered by pioneers, The Water Tower is especially invested in helping utilities devise strategies to benefit from digital advancements in water supply and quality. For more information visit


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