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Workforce Development

With approximately 1200 water-related positions opening in the Northern Georgia region over the next 5 years, action is needed to recruit, train, and diversify our future water workforce to best serve and represent their communities.

The Water Tower is committed to assisting utilities in meeting their personnel and training needs to ensure that essential water, wastewater and stormwater services continued to be delivered. Our workforce initiatives range from recruitment to training to placement to upskilling with programming covering a variety of topics, over multiple platforms. In general, our focus is to get students out of the classroom and into the field to experience real-life situations in a controlled manner and we have designed our campus to allow for these hands on experiences.

Start a Water Career

Your Path to Success in a Pandemic Proof, Fulfilling, Essential Water Career

Start your career in the water industry in as little as four weeks. If you train as part of our Water Workforce for Resilient Communities Program, Gwinnett residents can train at no cost to you! Training for Wastewater Operators is available in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Training for Plant Maintenance Technology and Lab Analyst are available in the summer.

Student Opportunities

An 8-month work study program is available for High School Seniors. Complete the program during your senior year and start working your water career as soon as you graduate and pass the state certification exam.

Course Offerings

The Water Tower is currently offering the following courses for tandem need-to-know and hands-on training programs:

  • Georgia Class III Wastewater Operators (4-8 months)
  • Plant Maintenance Technologist (4 weeks)
  • Lab Analyst (4-6 months)

Please use the Course Comparison Sheet to help you compare the career pathways which are currently being offered at no cost for Gwinnett County residents.

No College Degree Required

Get certified and start working in as little as four weeks with a GED or High School Diploma.

Classroom and Hands-on Training

This blended learning program will include classroom, online, and hands-on experience. This course is executed in partnership with a sponsor utility. Our detailed curriculum will help alleviate the stress of plant personnel having to supervise a trainee full time while performing their own duties. The weekly schedule combines classroom (in person or virtual) and online courses under TWT direction and provides guidance to the sponsor supervisor on the hands-on skills development activities that should be the focus of one-on-one interactions that week. Course participants should plan to spend a minimum of 12 hours on coursework (in-person and virtual) and 8 hours of on-the-job training each week.

Grants and Scholarships

The Water Tower can provide grant-based scholarships to participants, which cover costs of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE: hard hats, safety vests, safety glasses, steel-toed boots), course textbooks, instructor fees, and licensing exams. Most of these programs are all-expenses-paid opportunities.

Flexibility and Mobility

Say goodbye to the typical 9-5 work schedule and work four-day work weeks. Clear paths for career advancement offer mobility to grow including paid college courses once you are working at a utility.

Job Placement Resources

Upon completion of the program, TWT offers job placement assistance with utilities in your community. We have several utility partners who have expressed interest in hiring trainees from our programs. TWT will help soon-to-be graduates prepare resumes for utility review and to locate and apply for water industry positions in the region.

Competitive Pay

Entry level skilled trade careers in the water industry offer some of the highest starting salaries PLUS overtime pay to help you reach your financial goals.

Browse Programs and Career Paths

TWT's interactive Water Utility Career Map showcases career paths and salary information.

Water Utility Career Personality Quiz

Check out our brief utility career personality quiz or interest survey the to find recommendations for water jobs that fit your interests.










Get Started Today

  1. Complete the training program application - APPLY TODAY!
  2. Check your email with more information about the offered programs and to schedule a visit to The Water Tower and to F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center.
  3. Finalize enrollment, declare your course pathway, and attend orientation for your future water career.
  4. Complete in-person, online, and hands-on workforce training at TWT, with support from Georgia Center for Opportunity and Corner's Outreach to set you up for success.
  5. Work with TWT's job placement assistance program to start working at a utility in your community as soon as you are certified.

Questions? For more information, contact Courtney (, 470-822-0507) or Chad (


Professional Development (CE's)
Become a Trainer

Training Collaboration

Prime Power

Prime Power leverages its more than 30 years as a leading emergency power provider to train and certify technicians in the emergency power supply systems (EPSS) and related industries including the water and wastewater industry.  Taught by some of the most respected and knowledgeable experts in the emergency power world, our programs combine classroom work, both in person and eLearning, with hands-on practice.

Heavy Equipment College of America
NPDES Training Institute

With a 48-year-old median age of water employees, 30-50 percent of our water workforce will be eligible to retire within the next 5-10 years.   

There are many different career paths available in the water industry. Click the presentation below to explore water-related careers and hear from real professionals across the country about how they got involved in water.

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