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Why Gwinnett?

Approximately 30 miles northeast of Atlanta, Gwinnett County has been among the fastest-growing counties in America for more than 20 years.  With nearly 950,000 people, it is also among the most diverse counties in the US.  Gwinnett embraces and celebrates its multicultural, interrelated, and intertwined community - filled with energy, creativity, and passion that weave through Gwinnett’s schools, businesses, nonprofit organizations, civic institutions, and County government.   The Water Tower is proud to build upon Gwinnett’s worldwide reputation for being on the cutting edge of water technologies and to offer our partners such a incredible community to support their endeavors.

Business Incentives

Jobs Tax Credits

State of Georgia

Gwinnett County: Tier 4 County

Companies creating minimum of 25k jobs/year earn $1,250 Jobs Tax Credit per job per year for up to 5 years

Quality Jobs Tax Credits
R&D Tax Credits
New Market Tax Credits

Enticing Business Environment

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