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Technology Innovation


Innovative Technology Testing and Demonstrations

At The Water Tower, our goal is to lead the industry in demonstrating both on-the-ground and digital technologies in real-time using actual process flows to display performance of innovative equipment and processes.

With access to three live flows from F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center including primary effluent, secondary effluent, and advanced treated reuse water, technology providers can witness firsthand the transformative potential of their innovations.

Enter our technology validation program, a cornerstone of The Water Tower's commitment to integrity and reliability. With support from TWT Staff and a network of international water professionals, we evaluate technologies against their advertised metrics. The Water Tower provides an environment for innovation to thrive. All demonstrations on TWT’s campus are exposed to approximately 8,000+ annual visitors from public tours, water and wastewater professionals, events, and more.

Explore the future of technological innovation with us, where every demo hosted at The Water Tower represents a leap forward in efficiency, sustainability, and performance. Whether you're a technology provider seeking a live test bed to demonstrate your technology for practitioners or a curious observer eager to witness the cutting-edge, The Water Tower invites you to delve into the possibilities that lie ahead. Check out the tabs below to embark on a journey of discovery and unlock the potential for a water-conscious future.

Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation

The Water Tower’s vision is to bring together key stakeholders to address water management challenges head-on.

We lead the charge in demonstrating the impact of digital transformation and data integration through various avenues:

    • Providing a Data Exchange Gateway or API marketplace
    • Bridging technology silos and establishing data standards
    • Leveraging AI, Digital Twin, Neural Networks, and Machine Learning for data analysis
    • Opening data for third-party developers, fostering collaboration and innovation.


New Data, New Opportunities

With the advent of advanced metering infrastructure and the proliferation of sensors, water utilities now have unprecedented access to vast datasets.

However, to fully realize their potential, utilities require a robust data infrastructure that:

    • Provides a centralized platform for data collection
    • Implements effective data curation mechanisms
    • Facilitates advanced data analysis, leveraging weather, climate, hydrological, and remote sensing information to uncover actionable insights.


Digital Technologies

Despite historical risk aversion, The Water Tower is spearheading the adoption of cutting-edge digital technologies within the water sector.

Overcoming obstacles such as technology adaptation and integration challenges, we empower utilities to embrace innovation through:

    • Identifying practical applications for emerging technologies
    • Tailoring solutions to fit the unique needs of water utilities
    • Facilitating seamless integration through open interfaces and middleware
    • Providing access to Digital Twin Systems, enabling utilities to simulate and optimize operations in real-time.

At The Water Tower, digital innovation isn't just a concept—it's a tangible force driving positive change in water management.

Join us in shaping a future where data-driven insights and technological advancements propel us toward a more sustainable and resilient water infrastructure.

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