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Imagining a Day Without Water

Oct 21, 2020


Water plays a huge part in so many of our day-to-day activities, but what would a day without water look like?

Imagine this: you wake up bright and early and run downstairs to make some breakfast. You open the fridge and see that it’s empty. You turn to the pantry, and it’s empty too. Unfortunately, food contains water and crops cannot grow without water. No water, no food.

You turn to the coffee maker and realize there’s no coffee in the pot. One of the main ingredients in making coffee is water. No water, no coffee.

Next, you head to the bathroom to brush your teeth, wash your face, and shower. When you turn the handle on the faucet, nothing comes out. You turn to the shower but realize you can’t use that either. You try to flush the toilet, but because there’s no water in the bowl.

You get in your car to drive to work, but you notice the fire station, hospital, grocery store, and many other important businesses are closed because they cannot run without water.

Thankfully, we don’t have to live without water. But, for so many people in the world, the scenario described above is a reality.

It is important that we remember the value of water and continue to improve water treatment processes so that clean water is easily accessible for all. No water, no life.

The Water Tower is proud to participate in “Imagine a Day Without Water” this year and every year. Join us in spreading the word on the importance of water. To learn more, visit

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