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Meet the TWT Interns: Devi Dehaney

Jun 1, 2023

Devi Dehaney (1)
Meet Devi Dehaney, Social Media and Marketing Intern at The Water Tower. Devi has been the creative mind behind TWT's social media platforms since May 2022.

What college will you attend?

I will be attending Mercy College New York this fall.

What is the best part of your position at TWT?

The best part is the creativity aspect. I can write questions on the lunch-room white board for people to vote on, compile welcome gifts, and design posts. It can't get much better than that!

What is your favorite thing about TWT?

TWT is such a welcoming community of people to be a part of. Whether it is the staff, tenants, or guests, there is always a friendly face and new connection that can be made around the building.

What is your favorite room in TWT?

My favorite room in TWT is the Water Cooler! This is the second floor kitchen area that feels very comfortable and relaxing with all of the cool seating arrangements. It is a great room where many conversations are had over lunch!

What is your most used productivity hack?

A checkbox To-Do list on Google Doc. I put task due dates first (I always put a day or two before the actual deadline), put them in chronological order, then check them off as they are completed.

What was your favorite subject/thing to do in school?

My favorite core subject was language arts, but I always enjoyed my marketing courses!

What has your experience at TWT taught you?

The best thing you can do for yourself is network. You never know when you will see people again!

What enticed you to pursue an internship in the water industry?

It was an industry I knew little about, but I enjoy furthering my knowledge about the world in any way I can. Being around people in the water industry has taught me so much about water and it's importance.

The Water Tower consists of two nonprofit organizations: The Water Tower at Gwinnett, a 501(c)4 – responsible for the development and operations of the campus, and The Water Tower Institute, a 501c3 – responsible for solutions, instruction, and engagement programming. Together, these entities are cultivating an ecosystem of water innovation fueled by imagination, informed by research, and powered by pioneers. The Water Tower brings together public and private sectors of the water industry, side by side with academia and nonprofits, to tackle the industry’s greatest challenges.


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