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Meet the TWT Interns: Anna Impellitteri

Jul 2, 2023

Anna Impellitteri
Meet Anna Impellitteri, Research and Engagement Intern at The Water Tower. Anna is engaged in a wide array of projects in applied research, STEM nextgen programming, and strategic communications to support TWT's mission.

What college did you attend?

Centre College in Danville, KY, graduated in 2023 with a B.S. in Environmental Science. I am currently pursuing an MPH in Global Environmental Health at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

What is the best part of your position at TWT?

That every day is different! From running samples in the lab to translating documents to writing a grant proposal, each day is different and exciting!

What is your favorite thing about TWT?

I love the collaboration at TWT. From the diverse professional expertise of our own staff to our large array of tenants, TWT truly fosters a space of intellectual innovation and creative inspiration.

What is your favorite room in TWT?

The lab! It's my playground.

What is your most used productivity hack?

I love using an electronic planner. I have an Excel file titled "every second of my day, planned" where I organize my schedule and to-do's in a colorful and fun way. It really motivates me to cross off things on my list!

What was your favorite subject/thing to do in school?

My favorite subject was always Spanish. I just loved learning about another language and culture, and all of the windows of opportunity that opened for me in my further studies and career.

What has your experience at TWT taught you?

Being at TWT has taught me that not only is it okay to ask for help, but it's often more productive and can lead to some awesome ideas! I feel so thankful for all of the staff here and how they've inspired me in my work.

What enticed you to pursue an internship in the water industry?

I am passionate about the health of humans and the environment, and clean, safe, accessible water is a huge bridge that links the two.

The Water Tower consists of two nonprofit organizations: The Water Tower at Gwinnett, a 501(c)4 – responsible for the development and operations of the campus, and The Water Tower Institute, a 501c3 – responsible for solutions, instruction, and engagement programming. Together, these entities are cultivating an ecosystem of water innovation fueled by imagination, informed by research, and powered by pioneers. The Water Tower brings together public and private sectors of the water industry, side by side with academia and nonprofits, to tackle the industry’s greatest challenges.


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