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Construction of The Water Tower’s main building, demo area and field training center are nearing completion, with our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony scheduled for March 30, 2022.  We encourage you to check out the many options for having a physical presence on the campus! 

Campus Criteria

The Water Tower Campus intends to become an international destination for water innovation. Thus, all businesses located on the Campus must be engaged in a business that is in furtherance of “Water Innovation Purpose” – defined as:

1) Conducting industry-leading research on water science, including technologies to monitor and treat water;

2) Creating and sustaining partnerships with universities, foundations, utilities, and private industry in order to facilitate the research and application of water science;

3) Providing economic opportunities for County residents in the form of workforce development programs;

4) Educating the general public on the importance and impact of water and the work performed at the Water Tower.

Current Tenants

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